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Campfx 20 inch Light Up Led Balloons, 12 Pack

  • Our  LED balloons are made of really high quality natural latex that is non-toxic, transparent and can inflated up to 20 inches.
  • Super easy to use! Just Follow the instructional video to set up set up. Stretch the transparent bobo balloon before inflating the balloons, make several knots then wrap the led strip around them, Battery powered and ready to go with included batteries..
  • 【Perfect for festivals and raves】The led strip supports 3 modes: flash, slow flashing, not flashing. T
  • 【Tips】1. Inflate to at least 16 inches if you want to inflate with helium to try to float the led balloons in the air. The balloons are very thick and made from high quality natural latex. They will not burst if inflate less than 20 inches in diameter. 2. Stretch our tail end around 5 inches, twist it, and make several knots to stop the air leakage. 3. Remember to remove the protective paper from the battery box before turning on the balloon lights. 4. Stretch the balloon and inflate slowly..